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Willsoor is a family company with many years of experience. The company products are made in Poland, from the design to the manufacturing. The range of products under the brand is targeted at a wide circle of clients – although the offer consists primarily of men’s shirts, female enthusiasts of classy and elegant style will surely find something they like. 
The collections of shirts go hand in hand with the latest trends and are available in abundance of colours. The brand is oriented at creating highest quality products – for sewing shirts the company uses precious cotton fabrics. For Willsoor not only current trends are important, the hallmarks of the brand are: attention to detail, meticulous finish, as well as comfort and durability of the products, in reasonable prices.
Although the brand specialises in sale of shirts, the range of their products comprises also high quality jackets, coats, sweaters, ties and accessories.


Designer Outlet Gdańsk
Sklep P47
ul. Przywidzka 8
80-174 Gdańsk

+48 885 830 105

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