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WINTER 2023/2024


Winter is a time of changing colors that inspire the search for styling.
This is the period when fashion comes alive with rich colors, warm materials and countless possibilities! What trends does winter fashion have to offer this year? From clothes to accessories, from colors to textures - discover the "must-haves" in the coming months.

We have prepared for you an overview of the hottest trends straight from the catwalks of world fashion, which will help you be fashionable and confident this season.


If there is a star piece in the wardrobe of both women and men next season, that will be the long coat. Down to the floor and preferably made of wool, leather, tweed or cashmere. As for the colour, black it is, especially if you want to give it a slight gothic touch – a trend that we have seen in many collections.






Fashionable down jackets have become a staple in many wardrobes due to their stylish appearance and functional properties. These jackets not only keep you warm but also add a fashionable touch to any outfit. It's the perfect choice for anyone looking for warmth, comfort, and versatility. The material and construction of a down jacket make it a popular choice for outdoor activities and everyday wear. Additionally, properly caring for your down jacket can ensure its durability and performance.




Knowing the trend colour of the season is key to getting all your looks right, and while fuchsia is still having its moment thanks to the Barbie movie, there's no doubt that red will be all we see next autumn and winter. Not a soft red, not a ruby, not a crimson, no, the longtime scarlet red. Great for adding colour to your looks. And if you're the type that goes all out, wear it from head to toe.






In addition to being stylish, clothes should definitely pamper us through warm and cosy materials, especially in winter. Therefore, next season’s male and female wardrobes should include at least one loungewear item like jogging bottoms made from an ultra-soft material, and one plush piece, such as a worsted wool jacket or trousers, a teddy bear jacket, a terry wool cardigan… You get the idea, right?




Sportswear for skiing must, above all, be comfortable... but who said it can't follow the latest fashion trends? The mix of patterns and colors of technical clothing will give you an elegant, distinctive style. Regardless of whether you prefer mono-color sets or like combining different elements, we have what every beginner and professional skier or snowboarder needs.






In winter, we often focus on convenience and comfort, but insulated shoes can also look stylish and interesting. Footwear both complements the styling and can be the strongest element of our look. This year, our feet are dominated by large snow boots from winter Aspen or classic boots that match almost everything. Warm, fashionable and comfortable is the perfect slogan for the winter season.



If you're looking for inspiration, go shopping at Designer Outlet Gdańsk, where you'll find the perfect pieces for your new season’s wardrobe. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more fabulous fashion inspiration.


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