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Spring 2024


Spring is a time of colors and fabrics that will enhance and accentuate your ideal styling.
It's a time when fashion comes alive with rich colors, lightweight materials and countless possibilities! What trends does spring fashion have to offer this year? From clothes to accessories, from colors to textures - discover the "must-haves" in the coming months.

We have prepared for you an overview of the hottest trends straight from the catwalks of world fashion, which will help you be fashionable and confident this season.


We are in love with the new fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2024. Starting with the enveloping Peach Fuzz, this year’s Pantone colour. Its gentle blend of pink and orange tones brings warmth and a touch of softness. Its presence has already been noted at fashion shows and it will be a key colour in fashion and interior design this year.






Is it just us or is leather always such a great wardrobe essential? From skirts to jackets, tailored pants to fitted tops, leather is a versatile material that adds a touch of boldness and elegance to outfits. Don’t limit yourself to black leather, be bold and go for vibrant colours like red, blue and emerald green. Just perfect for the season!



Denim is trending hard! It is undoubtedly one of the hardest working fabrics in our wardrobes. And even though it may not be as polished for more celebrated occasions like a wedding, we can‘t deny that it‘s one of the most common attires for our day to day.






This season, white will be popular in both women's and men's styles. White basically never goes out of fashion, and you can combine it with literally everything! This simple and graceful color can be look great with strong accessories, and a slightly bolder idea is to opt for a bold total white look. Look out for white dresses, T-shirts and trousers on the streets!




This romantic trend has already taken hold on the world's fashion runways. From red rose petals at Alexander McQueen, voluminous black tulle flowers at Chloe, to more classic pink and purple floral prints by Chanel, Belenciaga and Carolina Herrera. Floral motifs have left their unique mark in all four fashion capitals. Let yourself be seduced by the unique charm of roses, whether you decide to go for a small floral detail or go all the way!




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