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Culinary diversity is yet another strong side of Designer Outlet Gdańsk. Coffee? Waffles? Ice cream? A quick snack or delicious dinner? Whatever you choose, you will enjoy a delicious meal in between shopping for your favourite brands.




Snack Bar Kebab is a developing chain of culinary points that offer kebab dishes in shopping centers. Everything from the menu is prepared from fresh products and seasoned with special spices and sauce based on our own recipies that guarantee its exceptional taste. Our menu consists of both meaty and vegetarian dishes, as well as falafels Our mission is to satisfy our guests and this is why we make great effort every day to make sure that the served dishes are of the best quality.



In the original interiors of Designer Outlet Gdańsk, we have created a new and one of a kind form of a restaurant that is based on regional products, fresh daily menu, good taste and design that remind of culinary traditions of our family homes. We invite you all to enjoy healthy dishes of Polish and Mediterrean cuisine, including an Italian style pizza prepared in an oven.





If you’re looking to enjoy a cup of great coffee or taste unusual drinks, quality snacks or exquisite cakes made according to our original recipes, SO COFFEE is just the place for you. Savour the moment in a relaxing setting thanks to our efficient customer service and cosy interiors. We want you to feel welcome in our coffee shops and hope that the coffee prepared and served by our baristas will leave a positive and lasting impression. We’re there for every coffee lover. Our priority is to create a unique atmosphere filled with coffee inspiration and passion, where everyone can feel comfortable and at ease. Our baristas are open and always ready for a chat with you. Enjoy the comfy and homely atmosphere of our coffee shops and drop by if you’re around.



The offer of White Star includes mainly good-quality burgers, Polish dishes, tasty soups and unique, mega-long casseroles! All dishes and snacks are prepared with fresh ingredients. We also recommend delicious lemonades and cocktails.



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